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live a long, happy, financially secure life.

You work hard for what you want

You have abundant income, comfortable lifestyle, growing opportunities. But you still worry about money.

Will my money last?

How should I protect my wealth?

How do I share my wealth with others?

You can be open with us with your deepest financial fears

And be confident in our knowledgeable, thoughtful advice.

"I have always believed in the value of a trusted financial advisor."
- Nancy J.

"With any important decision, it's critical to have as much in-depth knowledge as possible. It would be impossible for me to learn and keep abreast of all the tax laws, market trends, investment strategies, etc that a highly educated financial planner will know. Having a solid plan for our finances is like having a healthy exercise & diet plan for our bodies.  Quite simply... it's vital."

"I have had other financial planners over the years and Ruzanna distanced herself immediately from their lackluster approaches.  She set the highest bar, as far as I'm concerned, with attention to my entire financial wellness.  At our very first meeting, Ruzanna sought to understand my life's goals....not just my financial ones.  She has a completely holistic approach towards mapping out steps to get me to where I want to be.  She discussed everything from estate planning, to long term health, to retirement, to dreams, etc.   Equally as important, Ruzanna doesn't just set you up on a plan in hopes that you follow it.  She actively helps you stay on track by both providing you with experts in associated fields (such as estate planners) and with frequent check-ins. 

Since I began working with Ruzanna, I learned exactly what I need to do to reach my financial and retirement goals.  She works with me to validate that my financial decisions support my long term goals.  My entire financial picture is significantly more stable which has given me an indescribable sense of security.  I cannot recommend Ruzanna more highly."

- Nancy J.
"I feel a lot more comfortable knowing I have Ruzanna as an advisor"
- AK

"I was looking for a financial planner as I wanted to have some independence from my husbands finances and understand more about how to invest my money.

Ruzanna was very patient with me and took her time explaining the market and different investment options. I felt very comfortable asking questions and talking about sensitive topics.

Ruzanna asked the right questions about my financial goals and helped me come up with a well rounded portfolio. I feel a lot more comfortable knowing I have Ruzanna as an advisor as I trust her opinion and know she has my best interest in mind."

Which person sounds like you?

We help ambitious, accomplished, compassionate women like yourself confidently navigate life’s changes in their fifties and beyond with life financial planning and wealth management services that align your money with your needs, your values and your purpose.

Strong, driven, compassionate professionals...

need a partner and an expert guide to help them realize their ambitions and achieve their vision.

Everyone Deserves To Live A Life They Love

Meaning, purpose, fulfillment, happiness ‚Äď these aren‚Äôt just big words. This is what all humans want and we all deserve to live lives that give us those things.


When used to give us what our hearts want, money is a powerful, positive force helping us realize our innermost ambitions.

we all need people who believe in us and help us pursue our dreams

Having someone around you who you can trust and count on will help you overcome your toughest challenges and achieve your wildest dreams.

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You will always have my full attention, and I will listen to all of your questions and goals.

All pricing is transparent and provided before we begin working together.

Everything will be explained in plain English, with no confusing jargon

I’m legally required to put your financial interests before my own.

You will always be in a confidential and friendly environment.

You will never be judged on any past financial decisions.

Your phone calls and emails will never be ignored.

You will receive open and honest advice.

You’ll know what you're getting for your money.

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