Ruzanna’s Story.

I am Ruzanna, the President of Queenvest.  Like many women, I wasn’t always good with money, but I learned through many years of work in the financial industry how to use money well.  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to help strong, ambitious business owners and executives take control of their money and ultimately, their personal success.

I want to tell you my story...

Growing up in Soviet Armenia with a single Mother and no financial support from my Father was tough.  A teacher in middle school, my Mother earned a very small salary and had to take on additional jobs to provide for the 3 women in our household – myself, my Mom and my Grandmother.  It was a daily struggle that lasted years.  I don’t know how she did it, but we always had food, clothing and the essentials.

One thing that my Mother always made sure is that she had money for my private English lessons – it was something she was convinced I had to learn and she sent me to tutors no matter what.  I don’t remember anything she did for herself.  She taught me that for women, taking care of others came before taking care of themselves.

My English skills got me well-paying jobs at the international organizations that flooded Armenia after the Soviet Union broke up.

"I learned very quickly that being good with money allowed one to feel in control and be more positive about the future."

Being an only child, I hung out with my Mom and her friends and eavesdropped on their conversations. Money is a more open topic in Armenia and my Mom’s friends freely discussed their issues and how money was a big, sore subject in their families and their relationships with their spouses.  I learned that money was a powerful thing that could make or break everything, including one's marriage. 

I had a successful corporate career in finance and learned first-hand the challenges of being a smart, ambitious woman trying to make it in a man’s world.  As I climbed the corporate ladder and met many female peers, I saw how tough it was to be a corporate executive and how precarious female career success could be.  One day you made great money, the next day you were left with nothing but an unemployment check and private tuition bills.

Throughout my life, I have seen individuals and families struggle with money.

“How is it that so many smart, successful men and women who make complex decisions at work and in their business every day do not feel confident about their own finances?”

I kept asking myself.  And how can someone with my experience and knowledge in finance help these men and women feel better about their money?

Queenvest was my answer. 

I give the kind of life guidance that the traditionally investment-oriented financial advisors have for years failed to provide.  Our lives are an increasingly complex puzzle and I help my clients fit the pieces together.  I do this through a Life Planning process that explores people's desires, creates a vision for their lives, identifies the obstacles on the way, and comes up with a detailed plan to make their life’s vision a reality.

I cannot do what I do without listening, understanding and collaborating with my clients in a respectful, thoughtful way.  My clients and their financial needs deserve every bit of attention, care and respect that I can give.  I am honored by the trust my clients put in me to help them make their lives better.