Life Financial Planning

Envision your ideal life and create a plan to start living it right away.

How it works

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Life financial planning puts your life first, your money second.  First, we explore a life that you want to live and then we create a financial plan that enables such a life.  This way of planning allows you to align your money with your life’s most important priorities.  You take an active role in ensuring your freedom and we support and guide you by making sure your money serves as a resource to enable your freedom.

Step 1

Are we the right fit?

We do our best work with driven, successful professional women who want have an ambitious vision for what they can accomplish and the type of live they can build for themselves and their families.

Step 2

Let’s have a conversation

We will have three meetings over the course of 2-3 months to create your Life Financial Plan.  Each meeting will have a defined goal to move you through the stages of the planning process and closer to your vision of a great life.  The three conversations will focus on:

Vision -  we will talk about you, what is important to you, what touches and drives you and what makes you YOU.  When I meet with couples, I make sure that each person has a chance to express their own thoughts and aspirations independently because we believe that each person is unique and has a right to their own dreams.

Get organized – we gather and organize your financials and analyze your existing accounts, policies and plans to fully understand your current financial situation.

Strategy – we put together a planning and investment strategy to implement your immediate priorities and start working towards your long-term goals.

Step 3

It's Time To Put Your Plan In Place

The strategic plan I create for you will have a list of actions and timelines to implement them. It will be your life’s “project plan” and we will have a process in place to keep it alive and moving forward.

Step 4

The Work Continues As Your Vision Comes To Life

Through a series of regular meetings during the year and continued communication, we make sure your plan is on track. Keeping your vision in mind, we systematically address all aspects of your finances to make sure that you’re always a step ahead as you build the life that you want.

why us?

The Queenvest difference.

You will always have my full attention, and I will listen to all of your questions and goals.

All pricing is transparent and provided before we begin working together.

Everything will be explained in plain English, with no confusing jargon

I’m legally required to put your financial interests before my own.

You will always be in a confidential and friendly environment.

You will never be judged on any past financial decisions.

Your phone calls and emails will never be ignored.

You will receive open and honest advice.

You’ll know what you're getting for your money.