Gain confidence in your finances and enjoy your retirement, your way.

You worked for many years to get to this point but instead of feeling excited, you may be feeling concern and stress around being able to afford your retirement.  You are wondering how long your savings will last, whether an unexpected health event will decimate your nest egg or how you will pay for a nursing home should you ever need one.

Equally important, you may not feel ready to give up work and may want to enjoy an active lifestyle.  You may be contemplating another degree, a new career, traveling, writing a book, going on all sorts of adventures – in short, a whole new life!

Whatever your situation or your plans, we will help to make sure you are in a position financially to live your dream retirement.

Step 1

Let’s talk about your retirement 

We meet two-three times in the course of one-two months and I guide you through a series of questions to get to know you and your family, discuss your desires, understand what is important to you and uncover your needs and concerns.  I focus on what is urgent for you and your top priorities to make sure we come up with the right plan for your needs.

Step 2

It’s time to look at your full financial picture

I examine every aspect of your financial picture to understand your strengths and challenges so that we can come up with a solid plan to enable your dream retirement.  I make sure I fully understand your:

  • Income and expenses
  • Insurance coverage
  • Savings and investment accounts
  • Health condition and coverage
  • Government benefits expectations
  • Tax situation
  • Legacy wishes
  • Philanthropy and giving
Step 3

We create your plan for enjoyable, comfortable retirement

Whatever dream retirement looks like for you, I create a plan to achieve it.  Your plan may include decisions around your investments, real estate, part-time work, additional insurance coverage, timing of Social Security benefits, moving to a different state, etc.

With the right plan in place, you will feel in control of your future.  Working with Queenvest, you will know that you have a supportive partner who will be there for you whenever you need us.

why us?

The Queenvest difference.

You will always have my full attention, and I will listen to all of your questions and goals.

All pricing is transparent and provided before we begin working together.

Everything will be explained in plain English, with no confusing jargon

I’m legally required to put your financial interests before my own.

You will always be in a confidential and friendly environment.

You will never be judged on any past financial decisions.

Your phone calls and emails will never be ignored.

You will receive open and honest advice.

You’ll know what you're getting for your money.