Make your investments work for you and have the money when you need it.

Our investment philosophy is simple yet powerful

Your investment dollars are your most important wealth-building tool. Leveraging over 20 years of institutional investment experience, I make sure your money is invested prudently and safely and that you have money when you need it.

Markets are efficient - All information is reflected in the prices at all times and very few have a special advantage in the markets.

Risk and reward are related – You can’t get more return without taking on more risk.  

Timing the markets is a waste of time – Most people will trade at exactly the wrong time. It’s better to follow a plan and invest consistently.

Invest for your goals, not your ego –  That way, you’ll have the money when you need it and your ego won’t get bruised.

It’s is next to impossible to consistently“beat” the markets – Don’t waste your money chasing managers who are doing well today.  Tomorrow may be a different story and you’ll have wasted precious dollars that could be working for your goals.

I invest in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that meet strict quality criteria:

Four and five-star ratings on Morningstar – no rating is ever perfect but generally, a good fund will have a good rating.

Above-average returns – I like funds that consistently earn more than their peers

Lower than average fees – the less the fund charges, the more ends up in your pocket

Proven track record of performance – I like at least 10 years of consistent returns

Stability and integrity of the managers –the character of our managers is a big factor for me. Good people do good things for their clients!

How it works:

Let's get on the phone and chat about your investment needs and how Queenvest will deliver.
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Step 1

first, we clarify your goals

This is about you. Your hopes and dreams, your money, YOUR LIFE.  We will meet first to get to know you as a person and an investor.  We will typically discuss the following:

  • Purpose – what goal will your investments serve?  Buy a house? Kids education? Retirement?
  • Time horizon – when will you need the money?  Whether it’s a year or thirty, you want to plan for the right amount of time.
  • Risk tolerance – I want you to sleep at night!
  • Values and beliefs – if there are things you feel strongly about, we want to make sure your portfolio reflects your wishes.  And still makes money.
  • Engagement – how interested are you in managing your finances and how often?  What is your comfort level with investing?

Based on our conversation, I will create an investment proposal that we will discuss in a second meeting.  Once you approve, it’ll be time to build your portfolio.

Step 2

next, we build your investment portfolio

I build portfolios for your life’s goals.  My investment process includes three steps:  

Asset allocation – how I split up your money among stocks, bonds, cash and real estate.  It depends on your goal, time horizon and risk tolerance. Asset allocation determines the bulk of your return.    

Diversification – your portfolio will be highly-diversified across economies, sectors, geographies, company sizes, bond ratings and maturities, etc. This protects your portfolio against too much volatility.

Investment selection – you’ve got a gazillion funds out there to choose from. I pick high-quality, low-costs mutual funds and ETFs for your portfolio from reputable, stable companies that have delivered for their investors for many decades.  

Step 3

then, we make sure your investments grow and deliver for your goals

The biggest benefit of our work together is not the investments I pick but the way I help you manage your emotions. Most investors lose money because they trade at the wrong time out of too much excitement or fear. I walk you off the edge of the cliff and do a few other things, like...

  • I check on your investments daily – literally.  While you go about your business, I make sure your investments are doing well.
  • I rebalance once a year – a fancy word for bringing your portfolio back to its original allocation.
  • I pick up the phone when you call –  those hold times with a busy call center are a thing of the past.
  • I CALL YOU when something happens – and sometimes when nothing is happening but I want to see how you are doing.
  • I provide 24/7 access to all your accounts – your information is always up-to-date and easily accessible anywhere, anytime.

why us?

The Queenvest difference.

You will always have my full attention, and I will listen to all of your questions and goals.

All pricing is transparent and provided before we begin working together.

Everything will be explained in plain English, with no confusing jargon

I’m legally required to put your financial interests before my own.

You will always be in a confidential and friendly environment.

You will never be judged on any past financial decisions.

Your phone calls and emails will never be ignored.

You will receive open and honest advice.

You’ll know what you're getting for your money.